Sunday, December 30, 2018

I think we could be the most depressing place on the internet

According to a Google googling of "what's the most depressing place on the internet?" there's a subreddit where people piss and moan about the lack of a Half-Life 3.  I think we could beat that, if not for the catch 22 that we're too mediocre to generate any traffic.

Why is FTC such a bummer?  Let's do it in list form (no promise that I'll hit a round number like 10).

  1. We, as non-internet people, are kind of depressing. Matt takes pills for it, I have to stare into a  light box in the morning, and Nils...  Nils is fine.  He just logs enough windowless sweatpants hours to kill us weaker spirited creatures if we tried.
  2.  Every year at this time we get the email or the gchat or the silent treatment from Matt telling us he's considering cancelling the domain name subscription. Then a few months later we see that FTC is still a thing.
  3. There's this fleeting notion that maybe we'll do something different with FTC. You know, like aim our poor-man's-FJM style at the Peduto administration, or declare our nuanced position on New Left candidates. But who are we kidding? We're not going to write it and you're not going to read it.
  4. At this point in our careers none of us are going to catch John Legend.
  5.  Sports are pretty dumb and so are sports blogs. It wasn't always this way, but we can't pretend it's 2007 anymore. 
  6. Coming up with a 6th reason is harder than backing out of my spot in the Whole Foods' parking lot. Why did I come here on a Sunday? 
Maybe you feel differently, perhaps we're not the place you go when you need to sink deeper into the abyss.  I'll see if I can find a poll widget to get some accurate numbers on this. But not now.

For now you can use our comments section to let it rip regarding Half-Life 3.

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