Monday, May 30, 2016

Stanley Cup Final prediction

The model has gone 10/14 so far. For the final, it says the Pens have a 72% chance on winning and the Sharks have a 28% chance of winning. I think the model has underestimated the Sharks chances all playoffs, and I think this series is probably closer than the model thinks it is. In any case, let's go Pens!

Friday, May 13, 2016

NHL Playoff Predictions: Conference Finals

The first round and second round of the NHL playoffs are in the books. So far, the model is doing pretty well, going 9/12 and rolling along with the Pens and Blues. Here are the predictions for the conference finals:

The model still has the Pens and Blues as favorites, and it's probably underestimating the Sharks. The Sharks are a very good team; they've just had a difficult path. They had to beat the Kings, and now they're up against the Blues. And if they get past the Blues, they may have to get past the Pens as well. Anyway, let's go Pens!