Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Eulogy for Garrett Jones

Pittsburgh, PA-- A completely replaceable platoon player was designated for assignment the other day.  There is no further information at this time.

**Editorial Note**
Some people, including the eminently revered Rocco DeMaro, have offered warmer memories of "GFJ."  Apparently he was really nice to reporters or something?  Our stance has mostly always been: who cares?  The dude offered no defense, and was AT BEST a platoon player at one of the weaker first bases in the league.  Let's look at it another way: if you aren't cutting a 33 year old platoon first baseman with a .233/.289, you're either a supremely shitty team (which we were during a lot of Jonesy's tenure) or the dude is slugging 4.00 (which he's not).  

I'm nominating this as the Why-Do-You-Care-That-Much-If-We-Bring-Back-Jeff-Karstens-Or-Not?? personnel move of the young 2013/2014 off-season.

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