Thursday, July 25, 2013

Know Your Buccos is back!

Know Your Buccos asks, "What's your favorite TV show?"

Clint Barmes: My wife and I watch “The Bachelorette,” so I guess that? I have lost control of my life.  

Gaby Sanchez: ESPN's “First Take.” It was better when it was “Cold Pizza,” but I still like watching Skip Bayless try to keep himself from shouting the n-word at whoever's across the table. 

Garrett Jones: Oh, my wife loves “The Bachelorette.” We never miss it. Some of those guys are so lame! 

Jeanmar Gomez: I don’t have a TV. I just feel like it’s not bringing anything to the cultural table anymore, and I’m okay with that. When I’m not pitching, I sit in the bullpen and read The New Yorker or stream TED Talks on my iPad. 

Jason Grilli: Oh, “Game of Thrones.” I wanted to get my wife a dire wolf for her birthday, but it turns out they’ve been extinct for, like, two million years. I was shocked to learn they were real in the first place. 

Josh Harrison: TV? Haha! Oh, man. Um...TV…I don't know, man. Haha! 

Russell Martin: Game of Thrones. I didn’t sleep after the Red Wedding. I just watched it on a loop until I had to be at the ballpark the next day. Shit blew my mind. 

Starling Marte: Juego de Tronos. Me encanta el pequeño hombre.

Justin Wilson: “Game of Thrones.” I’ve read ahead, so I don’t want to spoil it for you, but you should really read the books. 

Jeff Karstens: As I’ve found myself with so much free time of late, I have found myself re-examining the Showtime original series “The Tudors.” I find it rife with inaccuracies, though, which vexes me terribly. The last few days, though, I’ve been utterly consumed with the attention being paid to Cousin Wills and the advent of his male heir. This, of course, means that I move from 31st in the line of succession to 35th, not that anyone is actually keeping track, mind you. 

Jeff Locke: “Modern Family.” Al Bundy’s on it, and those two gays are hilarious. 

Francisco Liriano: “Two and a Half Men!” 

Andrew McCutchen: Definitely “Game of Thrones.” I’m not giving up on House Stark. That Arya’s a spitfire. I'm rooting for that girl.  

A.J. Burnett: "Sons of Anarchy." You ever watch that? Shit is so boss.

Mark Melancon: “Morning Drive.” You know, on the Golf Channel. 

Pedro Alvarez: “Two and a Half Men.” 

Michael McKenry: Do you mean current or all-time? Because if it’s all-time, it’s “Cheers.” I watch four episodes of “Cheers” every night before I go to bed. And I make sure I watch them in order. You can’t jump around or you’re just not doing justice to what is undoubtedly the greatest series-long story arc ever. The shifts in cast dynamic — from Diane to Rebecca, representing a more traditional female gender role to that of an empowered, modern woman; from Coach to Woody, which represents the steady decay of American masculinity between the Greatest Generation and the Baby Boomers — are so emblematic of that period of time. “Cheers” offers us a perfect microcosm of American society in the ‘80s, which was one of the most fascinating and pivotal periods in American history. Current, though? I don’t know. I really only watch “Cheers.” 

Charlie Morton: “New Girl.” I have kind of a thing for Zooey Deschanel. Have you heard her new album?

James McDonald: The fuck, man? You called me in here to ask me that? I don’t even travel with the team! Let’s not pretend me or my opinion matter anymore. 

Travis Snider: “Two and a Half Men.”

Jose Tabata: "Dos Hombres y Medio." 

Neil Walker: Oh, man! I’d have to say it’s a tie between “Mr. Belvedere” and “Queer as Folk,” just because both were set here in Pittsburgh. I also love all those Rick Sebak documentaries on QED about the sandwiches and cemeteries and hot dogs. Gosh, I love hot dogs, especially from The O. You guys know I’m from here, right?

Vic Black: Hi. I’m Vic Black. Today’s my first day with the club. I’m 6’4’’, 215 pounds, I throw 96 miles per hour and I’m here to pitch out of the bullpen in high-leverage situations. I’m sorry, what was your question?

Vin Mazzaro: Oh, what’s that one show that used to have Charlie Sheen, but then he went all nuts with, like, “Winning! Duh? Winning!” so they killed him off and replaced him with Kathy Bates, and there’s that kid who’s on there and that guy who I think is from “Will and Grace” or something? What’s that show? I love that show.

Tony Watson: “Two and a Half Men.”  

Gerrit Cole: You want to play baseball or you want to fuck around? Cause I'll fuck around, but I'd much rather play baseball.

Clint Hurdle: I'll tell you, television is like stock car racing. It's a young man's game. The stuff they're doing now? It's like those people who climb mountains without any ropes or anything. These guys'll sit in the clubhouse before games or during rain delays and they'll watch TV, and I've gotta tell you, I don't know what the heck's going on most of the time. It really is like trying to herd cats. When you get these guys some downtime -- and I don't mean violent video games or anything; I'm not about to take up a cause. That's not what we're talking about here. But certainly, you know, when you play as hard as these guys play, you need to blow off some steam. That's not my thing, though. I'm an old school guy and I don't always do it by the book. My friends, in the off-season, we go on a fishing trip and trade tapes of old Eagles concerts. Talk about herding cats! I'll tell ya.

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