Sunday, May 19, 2013

The simple problem with Jose Tabata

The problem with Jose Tabata is that he still has to wait another 19 years before he can get a senior citizen discount at the movies.

The other problem is that he's a guy without power or defense.  Right now he's hitting in the .280s, with his BAbip in the .310s.  7.3% walk rate, with his career rate being 8.1%.   Looking at these numbers, you don't cringe.  Ideally, a guy is hitting .300 with a BAbip of .300 and a walk rate of 10%, but these are pretty close.

But then you remember that it takes Jose Tabata 100 plate appearances for every home run he hits.  This year's huge upswing from a 1% HR rate to a 2.4% clip is somewhat tempered by his HR/FB rate more than doubling (i.e. he got a lucky breeze on one of his fly balls a few weeks ago).

He has also consistently chalked up numbers in the field that are well below replacement level.  We won't even begin to discuss his follies on the base paths. 

All this adds up to a guy who, at very best, profiles to hit for average and do nothing else.  The question I pose to you, dear reader, is this: how many truly valuable players can you pull out of the butt of history, who have had neither power nor defense at their disposal? 

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