Sunday, May 19, 2013

7 out of 9 ain't bad

That's a screenshot of some horses.    Prior to the horse race, FTC projected the following finish:

1. Oxbow
2. Itsmyluckyday
3. Mylute
4. Orb
5. Governor Charlie (INCORRECT)
6. Departing
7. Will Take Charge
8. Goldencents (INCORRECT)
9. Titletown Five

Much like our NCAA lacrosse brackets and mid-term congressional projections, we held off on publishing our predictions out of respect to the sportsmen and gamblers who cherish living in unspoiled wonder. 

One final word: if Detroit loses this game, it's because their infielders weigh more than all nine of those horses combined.  There is NO reason to keep playing Jhonny Peralta.  It was ludicrous to play both Miggy and Fielder in the field with the DH spot open last season; slightly more reasonable now that Victor Martinez is back.  But Jhonny Peralta at SS, now?  Completely unreasonable.  This lineup does not need several more HRs than average from the middle infield positions.  They need defense!  How is this allowed to happen!?  They are completely pissing away groundballer Rick Porcello, and making it incredibly difficult for DIPier guys like Doug Fister.  Man, even Verlander has to be getting sick of this shit.  That is not a thing you can allow to happen!  Get it right, dummies!

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