Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Serving up a big ol' slice of hump day Pié

The reports are conflicting right now as to what actually happened, but there was a kerfuffle in Toledo last night where the Pirates' Triple-A affiliate, Indianapolis Indians, were in town to play the Detroit-affiliated Mud Hens, thanks to the outstanding veteran leadership of savvy, gritty, just-play-the-game-the-right-way-and-know-how-to-win veterans, Brandon Inge and Felix Pié. Clearly, these guys didn't get enough military discipline during spring training this year.

Per the Toledo Blade:

According to eyewitness reports, in the early innings of the contest the unidentified fan was throwing peanuts at the Indians’ Brandon Inge, who spent significant time with both the Detroit Tigers and Hens.
Before the fifth inning began, the fan came to railing on the far side of the Indianapolis dugout and exchanged words with Inge. A number of Inge’s teammates came to his defense, with several attempting to jump the railing that separated them from the fan. The fan was escorted out of the ballpark but attempted to throw beer on the Indians before leaving.
Eyewitness reports? What the hell else is going on in Toledo on a Tuesday night that the Blade, a sister-newspaper of the Post-Gazette, didn't have someone try to figure out just what the hell was going on down there? I get that it's a minor league game and there are very few reporters in the press box, and that the Indianapolis Star doesn't care enough about the Indians to send a reporter on regular road trips, as there's no sign of any coverage of last night's game anywhere on their website. But would it have killed someone to get a couple of quotes from fans sitting near where the altercation took place, especially since you know the team isn't going to comment on the matter after the game?
From Deadspin:
Will Flemming, an Indians broadcaster,tweeted out more specifics based on what he actually saw. Rather than mention that "a number" of Indians players were involved, Flemming says it was Pié who tried to get into the stands, and that Pié even had "a foot over the wall before being pulled back. Flemming also makes mention of "fans" as opposed to just one fan.
Wild scene here in Toledo as Felix Pie has to be restrained from going into stands. Brandon Inge plays peacemaker and gives fans baseballs
@ae_berger nothing happened, he was pulled back and remains in the game. I believe maybe a fan was ejected from stadium.
Just to clarify, it all happened very quickly and no real fallout. Pie had a foot over the wall, was pulled back in.
Felix Pié has a very well-chronicled anger problem:

As for Inge, I'm not sure I agree with the notion that if people are throwing peanuts and beer at you, the best possible way to diffuse the situation would be to give them something larger and harder to throw at you. But, and this bears repeating, I'm not a doctor, and Brandon Inge is kind of a stupid asshole.

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