Thursday, February 28, 2013

Joy cometh in the morning...

According to KDKA's Andy Sheehan...well, hold onto your butts.

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl is expected to make a major announcement today concerning his family and his future, KDKA-TV has learned.

We're getting an NBA team? Aliens have landed? THE OLYMPICS ARE COMING!? 

Sources tell KDKA Investigator Andy Sheehan that the mayor may hold a news conference sometime this afternoon. At that time he could announce that he will finish out his term, but not run for re-election and retire from politics.

Sources say the mayor could also announce that he is stepping down under the strain of the current federal grand jury investigation of the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police. In addition, sources say the mayor is also feeling personal strain over the fact that his mother was recently diagnosed with cancer. we're not getting an NBA team?
Just last week, the mayor was called in for questioning by the FBI and reporters have drilled the mayor about the investigation — including the fact that his security officers had debit cards to a police slush fund.
End of the line, dude. Mayor Dudeface's violations of the public trust and abuses of the power afforded to his position are well-documented, as is his incorrigible childish behavior. If we had felt compelled to change the name of this blog after Tank Carter was released from prison, we would have called it Fire Boy Mayor. I'm glad we didn't change it then, because now we'd be in the position of having to change it again.
We're glued to Twitter for the rest of the day.

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