Saturday, December 15, 2012

Questions for Pirates management

1. One thing you guys have done very well the last few years is fashion effective bullpens from minor league free agents and spare parts. That said, is it wise to tie up $10 million in payroll in two relief pitchers?

2. As a statistically inclined fan, I pay attention to peripheral numbers, such as xFIP and BABIP, and how players' performances match up against their historical numbers. I know you guys are aware of and pay attention to that stuff, too. All those numbers say that this team was madly overperforming in mid-July last year, and that a collapse was possible, if not inevitable. Did you guys see this coming?

3. Would switching Starling Marte and Andrew McCutchen in the outfield both help to save runs and preserve Cutch's body?

4. Is the marginal improvement of a Martin/McKenry duo over a McKenry/Sanchez duo worth $8.5 million a year? And why do you feel that Tony Sanchez, despite being 24 and posting good minor league walk rates, is not major league ready?

5.Neither Kyle Stark nor Larry Broadway have any background in developing baseball players at any level. What makes either of them qualified for the jobs they hold? 

6. The military methods you allow your development staff to employ have drawn a lot of criticism over the last few months. Do you feel that developing baseball players is overrated?

7. Neal, in September, you said, "There are a lot of really good baseball people in the industry who feel very differently than our fans do about what we‘re accomplishing.” By what standard does that not constitute your calling everyone in this room too stupid to understand "what you're accomplishing?"

8. Clint, what if any stock do you put into what Dan Fox has to say?

9. Why should anyone here believe anything you say or do?

10. Neal, as I'm sure you're aware, there is little to no meaningful correlation between pitcher performance and the individual who catches the game.  Why have you tolerated, and in some cases promoted, the nonsense that a guy's ability to "handle a staff" is of value towards winning?

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