Friday, November 2, 2012

FTC's Presidential Endorsement

After careful consideration of all the candidates, their qualifications, their views, positions and accomplishments, FTC is proud to endorse Ike Taylor with this hastily completed photoshop job.
We genuinely do like Ike. He's an excellent defensive back who can cover pretty much anyone competently, has excellent physical skills, and even when he plays poorly, doesn't get discouraged. He picks himself right back up and plays his ass off. In a year where the defense -- particularly the secondary, particularly the safety play -- has been atrocious, that's the kind of leadership we need.

If there's one man who can save this season, fire everyone in the entire Pirates' front office, end the NHL lockout, lower unemployment, revive the middle class, get "Community" back on the air and exile Zooey Deschanel to China, that man is Ike Taylor

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