Monday, July 9, 2012

ST: TNG review #2

Just watched episode 24 of season 6: Second Chances. I figured this one would be a stinker, just judging from its romance novel title. Bingo. The only thing worse is watching Jose Tabata on the bases.

The premise is that they discover a duplicate Riker created by a transporter accident. Then it's 35 minutes of Riker and duplicate-Riker not liking each other. The split screen cinematography is on par with all the Lore episodes (read: bad), but Jonathan Frakes is no Brent Spiner and that's where this episode suffers. Really, the only thing worse is watching Jose Tabata's fielding.

I don't know who wrote the dialogue, but chances are high they're the child of a gay divorce. Spoiler alert: nothing at all happens in this episode!! Duplicate-Riker is like "Hey regular-Riker, you might be in the friendzone with Spacetits, but I'm still a playa!" And Riker is like "Fuck you so much!" And Spacetits is like "I know I'm going to regret this." Then a bridge collapses and Riker grabs Duplicate-Riker so he doesn't fall to his death. Then they're friends.

Here's the lasting image from this shitshow:

Almost as awful as this:

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