Saturday, July 7, 2012

A hearty "fuck you" to our readers

Here at FTC, we love getting feedback. Unfortunately, that never happens. But a little over a week ago, someone left this anonymous comment on our fair blog:
I remember when this blog used to provide semi-regular and semi-insightful baseball commentary. Unfortunately, you now all seem to be too pleased with your wit and resort to writing smarmy bullshit. I will probably drop it from my rotation of Pirate sources. You probably won't care. I'm not even sure if you want readers, or if this page is just a circle-jerk for wanna-be sportswriters. Either way, my unsolicited advice is to get back to what made this a good blog. 
Excuse me, Internet, as I speak directly to this self-important, entitled coward:

Look, son. We don't give a shit. We never have. We don't write regularly -- we write what we feel like writing, when we feel like writing. We're cheeky and lazy like that, but when we write, we're spot-on, and proud of the writing we do here. We're also real people with shit to do. I know I've made this clear in previous posts dating back to when we started this in 2007, but we absolutely don't do this for you. We do this for us. We're just a couple of guys who love baseball, and this is where we come to rant at the Internet. And I don't know what blog you were reading, but we've never been anything other than smarmy assholes. So where you get off thinking that the Internet in general or FTC specifically owes you something, I have no idea. I do know that you're clearly a miserable asshole and a terrible person. Drop us from you blogroll. Boo-fucking-hoo. I'm sorry we were taking up all that valuable unlimited internet space. Now, please enjoy a series of completely irrelevant posts that have no reason to do with anything.

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