Monday, May 7, 2012

When FTC is in the house...

W/L:  0-1
RS: 0
RA: 5
our batters' K/BB:  17/3
our pitchers' K/BB: 6/4

W/L: 0-2
RS: 1
RA: 11
our batters' K/BB: 21/3
our pitchers' K/BB: 10/8

W/L: 2-0
RS: 6
RA: 6
our batters' K/BB: 7/8
our pitchers' K/BB: 14/3


Two things strike me about this small and highly meaningful split:
1) Matt is outperforming his pythag by an entire win.  He'll come back down to earth as the season goes on.
2) Who are we playing on those nights that Matt is going??  The Manatee County Community College Manatees??  We've never walked 8 times in two games, or won two games.

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