Friday, May 11, 2012

Post-game meeting

                                            (Garrett Jones enters Clint Hurdle's office after game)

JONES: You wanted to see me, Clint?

CLINT: Have a seat Garrett. Is everything ok?

JONES: Well, not really...

CLINT: Talk to me Jonesy.

JONES: ...Papa Johns changed their dipping sauce. It used to be garlic-y, but now it's more of a ranch.

CLINT: I noticed that too. Did they do some kind of market research and figure out that people want ranch?

 JONES: Don't know, skip. I don't know much about data driven decision making.

CLINT: Heh, me neither.

JONES: My gut tells me people like garlic better.

CLINT: Mine too! We're getting off track here...I want to talk about your at-bat tonight where you struck out.

JONES: You'll have to be more specific.

CLINT: The 6th inning. Strasburg walked Cutch, then he walked Pedro, then he walked (local boy) Neil.


CLINT: And you swung at the first pitch.


CLINT: Jonester, it would have been nice to take a pitch there. You've got the guy on the ropes. He had no control, and you gotta make him come into your wheelhouse...

JONES: My wheelhouse is big, skip. can't be helping 'em out by swinging at pitches out of the zone. Strasburg threw one strike to you in the entire at-bat.

JONES: My gut told me to hit ball.

CLINT: Well gosh darn it, you gotta follow yer gut.

JONES: Are we done? I have go swing by Giant Eagle on my way home to pick up garlic dipping sauce.

CLINT: Yeah we're done. You'll get 'em tomorrow!

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