Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Let's pile on a little

Nils makes a great point, which I'll paraphrase as: we suck.

I declared on opening day that this is a special group.  A group incapable of scoring a single run in the month of June.  Matt countered that this group will be scoring negative runs this season.  All possible.

How bad are things?  I think that's the question we'll have to answer in regular installments throughout the season.  This week's gem:

The team slash line coming into tonight was .218/.269/.349.

Without Cutch's .340 BA, the team average slips to .203, which is comparable to a good hitting pitcher.  I've joked that our lineup is one awesome player and eight pitchers.  Turns out that is actually the situation.

Nils said I'm pushing for their bats to be taken away from them.  Fuck that.  Just replace the entire lineup with career relief pitchers.  FRANCO's dream lineup:

LF-- Juan Cruz (taken as many career BBs as Josh Harrison in 183 fewer PAs)
CF-- Andrew McCutchen
SS-- Chris Resop
3B-- Jason Grilli
RF-- Brad Lincoln (if they're not going to let him beat out Correia, he should at least challenge Tabata)
1B-- Tony Watson
C-- Evan Meek
2B-- Jared Hughes
P -- [actual pitcher] (I only put it last to give the guy a longer rest between innings; if J-Mac is starting and he wants to leadoff, why not?)


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