Wednesday, May 23, 2012

How does Bud Selig make less money because of replay?

Box of Oreo's, autographed by the entire FTC editorial staff if you answer that question in five paragraph format in the comments section.

Yep, we've gotta talk about this shit again, because Bud is:

DE PERE, Wis. (AP) Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig says he doesn't think more video review of umpires' calls is needed, at least not right now.

Know what else wasn't needed?  Lifeboats on the Titanic, you ass chump!!

Why are we still doing this ridiculous game of:
We say: Hey let's have some replay.
Bud says: Nope.
Shit that would have been solved by replay: BLAH!! HERE I AM!! BLAHH!!!
We say: See!!
Bud says: We're convening a panel to look into it.
Baseball: I'm going away for the long, sleepy winter.  

[All caps fury] tag being added.

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