Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Soon the draft will be over and we can talk about string cheese again

You know, I think the Bills should just take the best player available.


I was just going to ask you what you thought about Buffalo going into this.

Yeah, man.  

They just have a bunch of needs but not one overriding need.

I'd feel great if they got a QB in the 6th or 7th round.

They don't need to keep him.

But if they could get him off the board, that'd be great.

Yeah, definitely.

He can be insurance.

I love the idea of the Packers taking a TE low in the draft.

Under the radar move.

Or maybe signing one undrafted to their practice squad.

And then cutting him during week three.


I have that on my draft board.

 What do you see the Panthers doing in the fourth round?

 By then they should have addressed their O-line.

They'll probably go for a bruising running back for depth.

Someone who might not make the team?

Or at the most get limited carries?

Limited carries.

Can't have too many of those guys.

He'll be a goal line back.  

He'll be great on my fantasy team.

Want to know who I think will be a huge bust?



Hang on.  

Let me find a list of names.


Kelechi Osemele.

He's the 6th ranked guard according to the National Football Post.

I say he's going to suck ass.


Man, I hope the Chiefs don't fuck themselves in the butt and take a safety in the fifth round.

Yeah, they always do that and I'm like, come on guys!

 They're basically the Oakland Raiders of the fifth round.

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