Sunday, April 8, 2012

Ozzie is a communist

In case you haven't been following, the Florida Marlins rebranded themselves the Miami Marlins this year, moving into a new, tax-payer funded, $600 million stadium. This park happens to be in the middle of the Little Havana neighborhood of Miami, and the rebranding process has been seen as an attempt to become "Latin America's Team".

That's cool and all.

I personally think it's just marketing noise, which will die down as soon as owner Jeffrey Loria cashes the $600 million check from the taxpayers. But whatever. I'm cynical. Maybe having a ball club of hispanic players in a predominantly hispanic neighborhood is a great idea.

Except that hispanic manager, Ozzie Guillen, accidentally said he respects hispanic dictator Fidel Castro. Check it out. More on the fallout later.

Keep talking Ozzie. You only make it easier for us.

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