Friday, March 9, 2012

blah blah bullshit

Article about Duke Welker. Read it.

Then this tidbit in it:

But being in the major league camp could go a long way to help Welker realize those goals, pitching coach Ray Searage said.

"It's about how he interacts and what kind of information that he can absorb from the guys who have played in this game for quite some time," Searage said.

You want the guy to learn how to pitch from some middling major leaguers. I get that.

"Asking questions and watching what they do and see how they go about their business -- see how they warm up, see how they play catch, see how they conduct themselves in drills, see how they treat fans."

In AA the players have NO respect for the fans. Also: is there something that big leaguers do differently when playing catch that I'm not aware of?

"It's a part of the maturity process. It's not so much about mechanics and X's and O's. Those are important, no doubt about it,

Yes... in football, hockey and basketball.

but it's a variety of things that he has to go through in order to be the complete pitcher."

Like treating fans correctly.

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