Friday, February 10, 2012

Shut up, Ben

Shutdown Corner has a piece about how Ben Roethlisberger may be showing reservations about Todd Haley. Here's #7 in his own words:

It would probably be easy for him to do. I don't know if it would be easy for us to learn it.


We're so young on offense

Ben, you're going to be 30 in less than a goddamn month. Stop this young pup nonsense.

and the most-talented room in this whole building is probably wide receiver, no disrespect to anyone else.

Why would anyone be disrespected? The defense is housed across the street.

And they're also really young.

Heath Miller is 29. Hines Ward is 62. Jerricho Cotchery is 29. Mike Wallace will be 26, entering his fourth year. Emmanuel Sanders will be 25, and potentially dressed on some game days. Antonio Brown will be 24 and is the only guy who really qualifies as youthfully raw.

They're still the tip of the iceberg in this offense

That makes sense, if you allow that the offensive line and running backs are the part of the iceberg that is underwater.

and they did as well as they did last year.


And they're just getting to the point that 'OK, this makes sense to me.'

He's referring to his receivers' ability to decipher his punch drunk rambles.

That was my biggest talking point to Mike [Tomlin] and those guys -- I would hate to just throw everything out and start over because I feel it would set us back two or three years because these guys are just starting to get it.

We're just on the verge of making that 30-yard PA fade a reality, coach! Give us another year of running that play six times a game, every week-- we'll get it!


For fuck's sake here.

Larry Fitzgerald was 23 going on 24, entering his fourth year as a pro when Haley took over as OC of the Cardinals. Anquan Boldin was 26 and had just established himself as a legit producer when Haley entered the picture. I think it's reasonable to say that those guys weren't irreparably damaged by having their "development years" interrupted by a new system.

I'd go a step further and say that this nonsense is way more applicable to a young QB than a young receiver. No doubt there are plenty of shit franchises that have revolving doors for coordinators. It's because of that, that we're left to wonder how good the Alex Smith's of the world might have been, had they been born into stable systems.

But can the same really be said for wideouts? The New England Patriots lose their OC every off-season to a head coaching vacancy, and it changes nothing with their receivers (CORRECTION: Welker's drop was a direct result of Bill O'Brien's impending departure). Hines Ward has had FIVE different offensive coordinators in his career, has caught TD passes from NINE different passers, and is no worse for it (the fact that he's old is simply not due to this).

Listen, people, we're only going to say this twenty-five times:

The Arians' years were extremely mediocre.

Our WRs flourished statistically because they have raw talent at catching a football, and one out of eight times, the PA fade works.

Kurt Warner flourished statistically at age 37 because he had a system that was efficient. We're getting the guy who designed that shit. It's still pass-heavy, but it's higher percentage plays. It's more deliberate. It's about having a plan.

We like this.

Ben needs to shut up. This is going to be good for him.

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