Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy pitchers and catchers, everyone!

FTC's annual Bucco preview will be coming your way at some point in the next week or two. We just have to get our hands on the head shots first. I'm know I'm going to miss calculating how much Tom Gorzelanny has melted in the last few offseasons, and that we're not going to have Paul Maholm's shapely jib to aww-shucks at anymore, but I have a feeling we'll make do.

In the meantime, today marks the beginning of the beginning of spring -- or the beginning of the end of winter, depending on whose side you're on. A.J. Burnett showed up in camp, immediately stole Daniel McCutchen's number, and started showing off his ink around the clubhouse. He's rearing to get started and anxious to lead the league in hit batsmen. Nate McLouth looks like he finally exhaled for the first time in three years, and we're probably less than a week away from the annual "Bill Mazeroski loves to be here, loves teaching Player X how to play second base" story.
In the meantime, let's geek out. YouTube user Hobojoethe34 has cornered a very niche market. He has filled the internet with videos featuring reasonably good imitations of various Pirates' batting stances, set to each player's walk-up music. Not only does he have the entire lineups for every season since 2009, but also this nice compilation of "Classic Pirates."

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