Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Get to work, folks

This is quickly turning into one of the best reasons to visit the Trib's site.

Also, does anyone else feel like this could have been stolen from a Bob Smizik diary entry?

Dear Margerie,
Today I was thinking about the Pirates and their talented (or is he?) center fielder, Andrew McCutchen. While fans may be excited now, someday the franchise will have the difficult decision of whether or not to re-sign him. Management has historically overpaid for outfielders (Jeromy Burnitz, Brian Giles come to mind) and McCutchen could be the latest in this trend. Or the franchise could do something reasonable. Of course, they could also let him go and hope that another center fielder comes along. That would be my recommendation.
The stone still hasn't passed. Maybe it will tomorrow. Then again...

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