Monday, January 9, 2012

Someone please explain to Maurkice Pouncey how the Internet works

And FTC's resident in-game tweeter didn't do him any favors. 

FTC: whoa, what the hell is up with @probowler53 and @mgilbert76shilling for some hack rapper like mere moments after a humiliating loss?

Pouncey: @FreeTankCarter unfollow me then loser!!

FTC: @Probowler53 i'm a huge fan of both you and gilbert and it makes you look like a fucking idiot to call your own fans losers and haters ...

FTC: @Probowler53 just because they don't want to hear about your bullshit rapper buddy after your boys went out and played like total bitches

FTC: @FreeTankCarter
 I'm done talkin to losers!

Other Pouncey gems from the evening include:
@Rick_D00Va your a loser Rick! Get a life I hate people like u! Dont talk about my life dumb fuck!
@JRitzMoney lmao u have 17 followers u wish u had my life!!
@Rick_D00Va why would I be mad I'm rich play for the steelers and have a awesome life!! Are u mad loser
@steelcitykid18 lol that's haters if u can't see that! I'm cool lose respect for me!!
@stevegiglio I will idiot!! You enjoy your lame life!!
@scottalanlong dude u have 6 followers no one cares what u have to say!! Can u not see that!!


Anonymous said...

What's sad is how clueless and immature Pouncey is...saying "I'm rich" and calling people losers?...sounds like a bratty 10 year old. What an embarrasment to the Pittsburgh Steelers. He's the loser...and he's also soft.

Geoff Detweiler said...

I picture him yelling "I'm rich bitch!" like the guy who won the lottery on Chappelle's Show.