Friday, January 6, 2012

the Marlins aren't going to be that good anyway

As reported by the folks over at Big League Stew, Mark Buehrle can't bring his pitbull into Miami, because Miami is fucking dumb.

The editorial board of FTC isn't just deeply concerned about Florida sports (all Florida sports), we are also fans of adorable pitbulls in general, and the two adorably fat man-eaters we sometimes dogsit in particular.

This one is dedicated to you, Luke & Rosie. Go sick those redneck lawmakers... with kisses!


Anonymous said...

"the Marlins aren't going to be that good anyway"

Keep telling yourself that and maybe, in some alternate universe, that just might have a sliver of a chance of being true.

Luke and Rose, with a lil help from Michael said...

Luke and Rosie just had this read to them and they approve by wagging their entire bodies!!!