Saturday, December 31, 2011

Free Tank Carter's 100th Post-of-the-Year Spectacular

It's been a dizzying year for us here at FTC. We've never before posted 100 times in a calendar year, and we haven't experienced this much traffic since Jeff Pearlman discovered us while Googling himself two years ago.

A few end-of-the-year shout outs to:
Aaron Tarnow of Play Petr Prucha, our friend, colleague and the world's greatest hockey fan.
Geoff Detweiler of SB Nation, the only Flyers fan we like.
Jesse Wood for his refreshing and independent football insight.
FTC Writer Emeritus Dan Richey for really stepping it up with the FTC Twitter account on game days.
Greg Gillotti, for poking us when we need it.
Scott Steckel, for his love of all things Pitt.
Akshar Abbott, who pimps this site like it's nobody's effing business.
Blogger, for making it infinitely to place images posts with its new format.
Whoever runs the Parking Authority garages Downtown, and felt that our art was worthy of spots on its public bulletin boards. (You can visit the ongoing exhibition of FTC's work in the lobbies of garages at Sixth Avenue & Fort Duquesne Boulevard, and Penn Avenue between Sixth and Seventh.

Special thanks to Todd Graham, Penn State administration, Mayor Dudeface, Bruce Arians and all the others who inspire our creative disdain. It's going to be tough to top you guys next year.

Finally and most importantly, thank you. We appreciate your reading, your kind words and your sharing our stuff when you think it's worthwhile. We mainly do it because we're angry and sometimes feel the need to yell at the internet, but after us, we totally do it for the dozen or so of you who make a point of annoying us to write more often. As always, you can reach us at, or on Twitter @FreeTankCarter.

We leave you with our FTC Moment of the Year

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