Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday roundup: allow your blood to go from boil to simmer

Notes on the scandal:
  • Deadspin obtained tax filings showing that Jerry Sandusky made nearly $500,000 from his work with the Second Mile Foundation, AFTER admitting that to showering with a little boy in 1998.
  • The PG's Jon Schmitz reported on Wednesday that the foundation knew of Sandusky's conduct.
  • Sandusky faces up to 460 years in prison if found guilty on all current charges, and that doesn't even include any charges yet to be filed. BOLD PREDICTION: Jerry Sandusky will not serve the entirety of his prison sentence, and will be dead within the next five years.
  • The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that Sandusky was a candidate to replace current Steelers offensive coordinator and FTC favorite Bruce Arians as the head coach of the Temple football program after Arians was fired in 1988.
  • Credit the Harrisburg Patriot News for being the first ones to this story, when they filed this piece back in March. There's an excellent "We told you so" recap here
  • Local sports talk wretch Mark Madden ran a column in the Beaver County Times on this back in April. As irascible and obnoxious as he is, he hasn't been wrong yet on this. If that continues, the allegations are going to get miles worse. On that page, you'll find a link to audio of Madden appearing on a sports talk show on WEEI in Boston. He manages to come off as an informed and reasonable human being, so you know shit's critical.
  • Penn State has lost its first football recruit in the wake of this mess. Some behemoth of a kid from Colorado will have to find another geographical formation on or in which to be happy.
  • One former Penn State player has donated money to Sandusky's defense fund, because apparently, he's all for child rape.
Notes on other things:
  • The Pirates inked catcher Rod Barajas to a one-year deal worth about $4 million, with a 2013 club option at $3.5. The best part of that is there's no buyout on the option, so expect Barajas, 35, to play solid defense and hit .235/.284/.412. in a starting role. If Tony Sanchez isn't ready to play in the big leagues by the end of next year, the Pirates can keep Barajas and he'll take a built-in pay cut.
  • Mark Letestu traded to Columbus Blue Jackets for 4th-round draft pick. NEXT!
  • Free Tank Carter would like to congratulate Steelers punter Daniel Sepulveda on successfully defeating modern medicine.
Totally unrelated, but worth a link: Deadspin ran a great piece on the insufferable media panic over Tebowing.
"Dangerous territory"? Seriously? Let's start at the beginning. Whenever Tim Tebow takes a knee on the field and thanks God, he is engaging in a very conscious act of moral grandstanding. I write that with no judgment whatsoever. Tebow is saying, "Look at me," just as surely as Deion Sanders doing the pigeon wing in the end zone was saying, "Look at me." He is saying, "Look at me and gaze upon my prayerfulness," and he is saying that because he is an evangelical Christian, and evangelical Christianity is a religion built on conspicuous faith. He is bearing witness, right there on the hashmarks. He is spiking the Gospel.
And if you're in the mood for something lighter, the Washington Post's Lisa de Moraes has a full report on HLN's coverage of the Conrad Murray verdict, which might be in the running for the most hilariously snarky thing ever to run in an actual newspaper.
“We’re so happy about the handcuffs,” chimed in a Pasadena blonde dressed in large designer sunglasses and houndstooth-check car coat.
 “I don’t even know what to say, I’m so thankful. It’s such a release of emotion. The man needed to go to jail and he’s on his way! Yes! Yes! Yes!” shouted someone named Patty. 
Check back later to see what happens when I spend my Friday night drinking wine and wrecking Washington Post columnist Sally Jenkins! 

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