Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Nils is Angry Part 2: More Grantland

This, from the Bill Simmons mailbag:

Q: I know the Blue Jays don't make much noise on ESPN unless Keyser Soze is dressed in white and allegedly feeding them signs from 420 feet away, but tell me you saw Brett Lawrie's grand slam celebration? It's impossible not to love this guy right now. He's hitting the lights out, he plays like it always means something and you can see all the Jays loving his reaction/laughing at him/awkwardly scared that he might hurt them. You've gotta love that reaction from a rookie as a sports fan. Despite being the Boston homer you are, you've also got to be worried about the Jays in the AL East over the next few years — a bona fide slugger, young quality starters, a young and developing core, a good farm system and a GM that can talk teams into selling him their shirts for 50 cents on the dollar and they ask him if he wants their underwear for free. Are you worried? Slightly Nervous? Scared Shitless?
— Aaron, Toronto

SG: You guys are in our division?


That's right, unless you're the Red Sox, you are totally inconsequential. Fuck you, Bill Simmons. You're awful and you're not funny. When someone emails you a question, maybe you could, I dunno, answer it? Or even pretend to know about something that doesn't involve Boston sports? You are a complete ass.

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