Saturday, August 6, 2011

FTC gets preachy again

A few weeks ago, I posted something about Big League Stew and other outlets getting touchy over the "rice and beans" gaffe. It was a media cycle feedback loop that wanted to be offended by something a guy said, and not by the billion dollar industry's institutional racism.

We're back for round two...

BLS reports that Tony Bruno made an angry comment on twitter, where he called the Giants' pitcher an "illegal alien" as a slur.
Yes, it's possible to get heated and angry during a sporting even when you're a fan. But you just don't call someone an "illegal alien" — much less type it into Twitter and distribute it to your 12,000+ followers — by accident.
Man, I would love to agree with that statement (firstly because it's true, and secondly because BLS does do some nice work), but I'm still too busy being offended by MLB's gross lack of concern, staging the All Star Game in the racist hotbed that is Arizona.

Alright, maybe I'm asking some of you to make a stretch here, seeing a connection between one guy using a slur, and another guy tacitly supporting status quo racism. My point from the last soapbox still stands: if we're going to bust people for saying something offensive, we need to use the opportunity to call attention to the Chief Wahoos in the room.


Edit: Going back and re-reading the BLS quote listed above, I'm even more inclined to distance myself from it. Specifically, I don't dig the "by accident" clause. I mean... the dude had a lapse of good judgment and he hated for a few brief seconds; then he calmed himself down and deleted it all. That is kind of an accident. To imply that it's not, is to accuse Tony Bruno of some deliberate, calculated racism. One more time, folks: deliberate, calculated racism = some dudes who don't give a shit about offending people, because offensive logos sell merchandise. Accidental racism = some dude who just gets casually offensive once, because he's a bonehead with a microphone.

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