Saturday, August 20, 2011

FOX Sports came to Pittsburgh today

They liked the fact that we have a baseball stadium, and they were impressed that we still have a team.

Actually they weren't so offensive.

I wasn't pissed off enough to blog until the 9th, and what did it was this:

"And here is Hanrahan, he's been a journeyman through his career. You know, from Washington... and um. Well he never really found a place. But then he, well, Clint Hurdle found a place for him in Pittsburgh. He pulled him aside in Spring Training and told him 'you are my closer' and that's really important for a journeyman to hear."
That's me paraphrasing, but I'm not too far off from what was said.
"He pitched mostly the 7th and 8th while with Washington."
Yeah, only 57 games finished in his two and half years there. Mostly just a set-up guy.

"Hanrahan has done something that I think is a lost art these days. He's learned to walk... the ladder. He can start belt high. Then go up. Then go up again with the fastball. And then you know, he has a wipe out slider."
First of all, every really good pitcher in baseball "walks... the ladder." You probably wouldn't know it though, because the colloquial phrase is actually "go up the ladder." Secondly, Joel Hanrahan is awesome because he isn't just a high-heat guy. He capitalizes on the lost art of pitching to both sides of the plate with the cheese. THAT is what separates good relievers from shoddy specialists. And yeah, there's a slider he throws. Really, just let me give you some advice FOX: when broadcasting a Bucs' game in the future, all you need to say about Hanrahan is these twelve words-- "97 mph on both sides of the plate, with a diving slider."

Whatever, let's end with this moment of Zen:

"This is what Clint Hurdles looks for, he likes... character. And these guys had every opportunity to punt today."

"And tonight on FOX, a full hour of COPS, followed by two episodes of Family Guy and The Cleveland Show!"

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