Thursday, August 4, 2011

Derrek Lee: hits home runs; plays defense; understands math

Pop quiz! Which one of those three things is false?

On why we're losing...
“I think these guys are tight a little bit,” said Lee, acquired from Baltimore in a trade last Saturday. “I think they feel the excitement of this city and all the support they’re getting and really want to please everyone. It’s only natural, but we’ll figure it out.”

Derrek, Derrek, Derrek.... No.

That's not it. The reason we're losing is because ...ahem... we're not very good.

Kevin Correia is a meatball who had a tremendous first half. Paul Maholm is a... he's a... well, let's put it this way: we had exactly two Paul Maholms last year, and traded one of them in the offseason, instantly becoming a better team. Garrett Jones is a better hitter than about 20 people on the team, and he's pretty ho-hum. Basically: our pythag had been shown-up for the better part of four months; it's fixing the glitch now.

Oh yeah, it's also got something to do with a dumbass manager who won't play our best pitcher except in mop-up duty, and one or two umps who sucked our blood last week.

But mostly we're losing because math says we should. Not because we're "pressing."

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