Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Steelers did not lose in extra-innings tonight...

In fact, they were victorious. NFPost reports that they defeated everyone else in the game of "Be-The-Pittsburgh-Steelers-To-A-Boring-Fault." They squeaked out the win by re-signing Ike Taylor, Suisham and a punter to compete with an oft-injured punter and his backup. Beyond that, there are rumors via the Trib, that we're looking at extinguishing what tiny room we have left under the new cap, to bring back Willie Colon.


We're shoring up our team deficiencies by signing a lanky, veteran corner; a fat guy who has sealed off his edge, exactly once in the last 365 days; and, you know, another pair of kickers.

Football is back, baby. Here's hoping that it'll stay faithfully married and the hell out of the way of baseball. At least until late September.

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