Wednesday, July 27, 2011

An open letter to Jerry Meals

At the risk of sounding bitter...

Jerry Meals needs to be taken out back and shot.

When two teams play NINETEEN FUCKING INNINGS, I understand that wears on you and you. Here's the thing, though: it's your job to umpire the game fairly. To the end. Not to the point when you decide you would like to go back to your hotel and sleep.

To the end.

You didn't do that tonight, Jerry. Two teams battled like crazy through 19 innings to win that game legitimately. You, as a member of the union of Major League Fucking Umpires, do not decide that the game is over when you want the game to be over. You, Jerry Meals, are paid a handsome salary, with benefits, TO CALL THE GAME ACCORDING TO THE RULES OF BASEBALL.

Nobody thought Lugo was safe on that play; not even Lugo, himself. THAT IS WHY HE STOOD UP AFTER THE TAG, FOUR FULL FEET BEFORE TOUCHING HOME FUCKING PLATE.

Let's get something straight here: I'm not upset the Pirates lost the game. I'm not upset that there was a blown call in the 19th inning that cost the Pirates the game. What I'm upset about is that you decided the runner would be safe before the play even began. I'm upset that you did not honor your duty as an umpire, and watch the play before calling it.

If Lugo had been legitimately safe, or even if the play had been close and gone against the Pirates, I wouldn't be upset. That's the human element of baseball. But you, Jerry Meals, made the call before the play even happened.

Never, in my nearly 30 years of watching baseball, have I seen a call more lazy, more negligent, or more selfish.

You are a disgrace not only to the integrity of baseball, but to that of professional sports. May your name be forever cursed in Pittsburgh.


Je0737 said...

Well said.

Je0737 said...

Well said Matt. What a way to end this game, I'm using present tense because I still cannot believe it's over. What a crock of shit. An unbelieveable call.

Greg said...

Rob Neyer suggests it's possible Meals was right:

Here's the thing, I don't blame Meals so much, because I can't believe he just phoned it in. I blame MLB for continuing to take the FIFA position that being wrong is somehow nobler than being right.

Meals should have been able to walk over to a monitor, look at a replay, and change his call. As it was, he made a terrible call that might have been fatigue-induced, and had no way to correct it.