Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Once more, with feeling!

Good result the baseball continues. Stellar work tonight from Tony Watson. Chase d'Arnaud made the best play I've seen all season, and the game on the whole was a picturesque example of just how much pitching, defense and defense can mean, especially to a team that doesn't score runs. There were very few hard-hit balls, and nothing that left the infield came close to being dangerous.

What was crazily impressive, though, was the crowd. About 22,000 turned out. On a Monday night. In torrential rain and miserable humidity. Through two substantial delays. And the crowd was involved the entire time. People were paying attention. There were impromptu chants of "Let's go Bucs!" every inning, on both offense and defense. You couldn't take the fans out of this. I don't remember the last time that was the case.

I want to throw one more thing out there: Joel Hanrahan is awesome, but his intro sucks. I don't understand what a montage of flashing automobile dashboard gauges has to do with anything related to a save situation. Hanrahan throws criminally insane baseball pitches at people that can not be hit. Batters should be very afraid of him. A flashing "CHECK ENGINE" light set to screaming does not inspire fear. With this in mind, Free Tank Carter would you to come up with ideas and suggestions for new Joel Hanrahan entrance music. Leave them in the comments or e-mail them to us, and once we reach a blog-wide consensus, we'll start shopping it around.

Here's my proposal:


Greg said...

It is an awesome Cash song, but the truck commercial has made that song lose some of its foreboding effect.

How about When the Levee Breaks?

Matt said...

I like that, too. The truck commercial, though, doesn't feature any lyrics, and the lyrics are what really drive this number. Who's gonna cut you down? Joel Hanrahan's gonna cut you down.