Saturday, July 23, 2011

FOX Sports is about to get politically correct up in your face!

A broadcaster for the Detroit Tigers was going through the lineup the other night, and remarked on how the majority the batters were Hispanic. He then went on to say that the clubhouse better be well stocked with "rice and beans." Here's Big League Stew's holier-than-thou report on it:
Detroit Tigers broadcaster Rod Allen made an unfunny and inappropriate attempt at a joke about Latinos during FOX Sports Detroit's telecast Thursday night... Would Allen, who is African-American, make a joke about a Tigers lineup that was mostly black requiring something stereotypical to eat? Would he stoop to make a watermelon joke?... hopefully his bosses heard him, will talk to him and tell him to cut it out.
I'd say it's totally fair for someone at the network to pull the guy aside and say "WHAT!" Just like they did with Keith Hernandez's 'woman in the dugout' nonsense.

But at some point, isn't it a little ridiculous for the media to pretend that these guys are somehow the last throes of political incorrectness? I mean, wouldn't it be equally appropriate for FOX Sports Detroit to pull the Cleveland Indians' Chief Wahoo aside and say "WHAT!"

Bottom line: This latest dude made a dumb comment. He is no worse than the Tomahawk Chop, or the billion-dollar-plus industry that condones it.

Either use these finger-waggings as an opportunity to shame sports bigotry in general, or don't say anything at all, folks!

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