Thursday, June 16, 2011

A promise to our reader...

Dear GREG,

As you know, we on the Free Tank Carter editorial board are committed to outlandish promises and bets we usually can't win. Sometimes we're grossly incorrect about a thing, and that is when you, the subscriber win.

No. You're not getting a pro-rated refund, or even an apology for having to read this blog.

You are, however, invited to a happy hour, hosted by Nils, Matt and myself at a TBA location and at a TBD time. This, of course, is in honor of the Pirates being OVER the .500 mark, past mid June. To celebrate the occasion further, the three of us will be shaving 50.7% of our facial hairs.

Details to come. You may bring as many guests as you'd like.


Ff, on behalf of FTC

1 comment:

paper thin walls said...

PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE shave half of your faces!