Monday, May 23, 2011

New Feature with FRANCO

I can't imagine any of you care to do the simple research of who is the best ballplayer in baseball, by position. Yet, I'm sure you'd appreciate knowing such information, should you be called upon to vote on it.

Here it goes, as of May 22, 2011:

American League:
C-Alex Avila
1B-Adrian Gonzalez
2B-Maicer Izturis
3B-Kevin Youkilis
SS-Asdrubal Cabrebra
OF-Jose Bautista
OF-Matt Joyce
OF-Denard Span

National League:
C-Buster Posey
1B-Joey Votto
2B-Neil Walker
3B-Pablo Sandoval
SS-Troy Tulowitzki
OF-Matt Kemp
OF-Carlos Beltran
OF-Ryan Braun

By the way, Free Tank Carter completely, and totally supports racial profiling, but hates the way the Diamondbacks stole Travis Lee from the Twins. Therefore, we refuse to cast ballots in this year's All-Star contest, and we support you if you feel likewise.

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