Sunday, April 3, 2011

It's another MSM!

This from the AP.

To sum up the article: the prosecutors in the Bonds' case were kicking his juiced ass, right up until the other day, when they called a witness (Arthur Ting) who completely contradicted everything another witness said.

Ting was one of the last witnesses the government planned to call. Observers said prosecutors were making good headway with the jury until then.

“With any trial it’s always the last impression that is the most important,” Robert Mintz, a prominent Newark, N.J., defense attorney, said in a phone interview.

Like other experts, he reached for a sports analogy to make sense of the trial’s sudden and dramatic momentum shift.

Is it like a closer blowing a save?

“It was the sports equivalent off coughing up the ball on the 5-yard line,” said Mintz, a federal prosecutor before going into private practice. “Suddenly, the other team has a chance to win.”

Sure, he's not a broadcaster or sportswriter, but I think this still qualifies as a classic mixed sports metaphor. Kudos.

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