Sunday, April 24, 2011

Everyone loves a list!

Saw this thing on the webbernet.

Whatever. It's fine. Except for the part where they say Bradshaw was a better first round pick than Mean Joe.

Here's the FTC top 10 list of all time great Steelers' first rounders:

1. Joe Greene
2. Rod Woodson
3. Terry Bradshaw
4. Franco Harris
5. Alan Faneca
6. Troy Polamalu
7. Ben Roethlisberger
8. Casey Hampton
9. Lynn Swann
10. ........

This isn't set in stone, but it's pretty damn correct. Joe Greene was the beginning of everything good in this franchise's history; he was the most dominant defensive lineman of his era; he had a lot more to do with the punishing, smashmouth character that this team developed than anyone else. Rod Woodson is the greatest defensive back ever in history.

Bradshaw won 4 very important games and was very okay in an era when QBs were supposed to be sub-ok. But look: he was a backup to Jefferson Street Joe Gilliam for a season, he was a chronic chucker who gave up a ton of interceptions, and he won because his run game and defense were the best ever in history. I don't think my generation can adequately judge QBs of the past on account of the exponential evolution of offensive schemes and talent standards; however, we have no trouble looking at a guy like Joe Greene and saying "holy shit, if he played now, he'd still be the greatest." Ultimately, this game is really a measure of 1. production, 2. timelessness. Bradshaw did a hell of a lot for this franchise, no taking that away; but Woodson, Greene, maybe even Polamalu... they do a hell of a lot for the entire sport. That's greatness.

Here's hoping we can add Timmons and Pouncey to this list in the not-too-distant future. With #94 finally coming into his own at the old age of 24, and Pouncey being the leader of this team at age 22, all they need to do is not get injured.

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