Sunday, March 13, 2011

Why I hate Jim Tracy

This bullshit about pitchers running the bases.

Jimenez did break one of Tracy’s baserunning codes in the game. He was thrown out at the plate after slowing down rounding third base.

Okay, okay. You never want to get thrown out on the bases, period. I can see why Tracy would be a little irked that his pitcher is making an out, when he could have just stayed on third base.

That is what's going on here, right?

It isn't?

“We want the message out there,” Tracy said. “We want the pitchers to be athletes.

No you don't. You want your pitchers to be healthy Ubaldo Jimenezes.

Usually when a pitcher gets on, the game moves 90 feet at a time. Nope. Not here. We’ve stressed that from day one of the Cactus League and, hopefully, into late October.”

Here's the thing, you stupid man, none of your pitchers will be alive in late October if you're asking them to do this:

Jimenez acknowledged his error.

“I was almost going to stop at third and then I saw the coach waving and thought ‘opps,”’ he said.

No, Ubaldo, no! That isn't what you're supposed to think. You're supposed to think: "I am a 27-year-old with a slight build, who doesn't need to tear up a hammy or go hard into a catcher."

Please do not have Stockholm Syndrome for Jim Tracy.

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