Sunday, February 20, 2011

Why I love the NBA All-Star Game

Dwight Howard just referred to himself as "Chocolate Shoulders."

10 minutes ago
/Kevin Durant hits a three
Steve Kerr: Kevin Durant is the most athletic guy in the league

6 minutes ago
/Dwight Howard dunks
Steve Kerr: Dwight Howard is the most athletic guy you'll see in this league, along with LeBron James.

3 minutes ago
/Russell Westbrook dunks
Steve Kerr: Russell Westbrook is probably the most athletic you in the league right now, guys.

Craig Sager and Justin Bieber have an in-game, court-side condescension-off:
Sager: So, are you in school or something?
Bieber: It's the weekend, Craig.

Craig Sager: Kobe, I saw you whisper something to D-Wade before tip-off. What'd you say to him?
Kobe: Oh, it was nothing. Nothing to do with the game. It was something else that was humorous.

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