Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hat tip to the Trib

For finding the one guy in all of Pittsburgh who thinks the Pirates should raise their prices:

"From a business perspective, I think they have to raise them," said John Clark, professor of sport management and director of the MBA program at Robert Morris University. "I've been expecting it to happen for the past couple of years. I think Pirates baseball is worth more than what we pay for it right now."

I did not think such a person would ever be found, nor did I think the PTR had the means to find him. I stand corrected.

Also, let's consider things from a common sense perspective. The Pirates are not only terrible at baseball, they are terrible at drawing crowds. Yet, they still make money now. Why mess with a good thing?

Just tossing that out there. Happy Pitchers-and-Catchers Day, everyone!

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