Monday, January 24, 2011

The Continuing Story of No Story At All...

The good news is that this should be the last article about this non-event for at least six months.

The Jets backed up all the big talk by stunning the Patriots 28-21. But things took a silent turn last week when Ryan heaped praise on Steelers coach Mike Tomlin, using words such as “respect” and “like,” and his players followed suit.

On behalf of Steelers' Nation, I thank you for being respectful with your pregame remarks and thus giving us the AFC Championship.

Turns out, the Jets needed to keep that mean streak going. Maybe they left it all out on the field at Foxborough.

That's possible. It's also possible the Jets' run-heavy game plan was perfect against a weak Pats' D-line, and shitty against the best run defense in history. Just a thought.

At least it certainly appeared that way from the start, as the Jets couldn’t get the Steelers’ offense off the field. Missed tackles, bad decisions and sub-par performances put New York in a 24-3 halftime hole.

Right, well, those are the things you'd say if you want to blame something other than a lack of trash talk.

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