Sunday, October 17, 2010

Playing the game the wrong way

Well, here we are again. James Harrison is once again a vicious psychopath.

The hit he put on Josh Cribbs was not only physically avoidable, but totally uncalled for. It's one thing being a vicious psychopath when playing other vicious psychopaths. If this was Cinci, I'd expect Ward to be throwing blindside blocks and for their guys to be retaliating. If this was Baltimore, I'd expect Terrelle Suggs to be picking fights, and our guys kicking right back. But this is Cleveland, and Harrison did it to their only good player (though to be fair, he also knocked out one of their scrubs a few minutes later, showing he's indiscriminately violent).

The whole thing reminds me of when the Reds threw at McCutchen's head, earlier this summer. That's not the level of play I want to see out of my teams. I have a hard enough time with one Matt Cooke; I don't need another.

Here's to suspensions for guys like Harrison. If that doesn't work, make him play a few quarters without his helmet. See how that works out.

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