Monday, August 2, 2010

This is Ubaldo Jimenez

He didn't need any help from the Pirates to be a dominant pitcher that day. Likewise, the Pirates didn't need any help from Ubaldo Jimenez to be completely terrible. They both just kind of went out of their way on helping each other, I guess.

I distinctly remember liking how few curveballs Jimenez threw. It was an afternoon of 97-99 MPH fastballs, with an occasional 89 MPH change for variety (coincidentally, 89 was where Maholm's heat was sitting). Anyway, I appreciated that Ubaldo felt like his time was being wasted by our bullshit team, and that he in turn didn't want to waste my time by throwing junk. He got out there and just poured it into the zone. Someday we'll have a guy like that.


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