Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Spot the Yinzers!

Outside the stadium, as I was buying a ticket, a young guy in a #21 jersey came up to me to seek validation. You see, I had what we in the business call "street cred[ibility]" because I was donning not only my Pirates hat, but my Super Bowl XL commemorative Troy Polamalu jersey. Anyway, the guy proudly showed off his Clemente shirt, but then admitted he was wearing a Rockies' shirt under it.

THIS is not a Yinzer, folks. It's just a dude who owns some Pirates gear and wore it because it was topical, not because he gets what it means. I wanted to ask the guy how many dangerous, relief missions he went on to earthquake shattered countries, but he went into the stadium before I got a chance.

Moving on.

I thought this kid had it figured out:

Upper deck, sitting with his family members, none of whom are wearing Pittsburgh gear. Good for him, reminding Denver that Jake Plummer sucked.

(I have a picture of the kid when he turned around, but I'm not sure we're allowed to post child faces on this site. Matt: please clarify.)

Also, there was this guy.

Turns out Heath gets pretty good seats, because this was taken right behind home plate.

In conclusion, as I was making the losers' walk back to my car, a young pacific-islander girl on a bike shouted "Hey! Polamalu!" I turned around, ready to explain in disappointing detail that I was not in fact Troy Polamalu, but what I saw from her was just a very cheerful smile. Sometimes it's not about winning at baseball, I realized; it's about being a tastelessly obsessive fan of the whole package, and just enjoying the fact that there are other crazy people like you out there.

That said, someday we're going to win at baseball.


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