Wednesday, August 25, 2010

If you hit 40 HRs, you're allowed to lie about anything

Just ask Dante Bichette.

Or, more relevantly, Jose Bautista.

The former Pittsburgh third baseman now plays for Toronto. He believes the Pirates were ready to win several seasons ago, but management refused to spend the money to upgrade a too-young pitching staff. As a result, the Pirates kept losing and a productive everyday lineup was dismantled.

Which season could that have been?

2005: OPS+ 89, ERA+ 96
2006: OPS+ 86, ERA+ 98
2007: OPS+ 92, ERA+ 89
2008: OPS+ 92, ERA+ 83
2009: OPS+ 88, ERA+ 90
2010: OPS+ 80, ERA+ 79

See, I'm not sure it was the pitching staff that was too-young. I think you could pump as much money into the pitching, and the team would still suck. This is because it gave ABs away to guys with OPS+s of 88 while with the Pirates.

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