Monday, July 5, 2010

Opening the flood gates on this one

All-Star games are silly. We all know this.

There was that one year (2008), when the championship Stillers re-defined what defense should look like, and yet, only sent three dudes to the Pro Bowl. The San Diego Padres are leading the league in ERA and sending exactly 0 pitchers to the 2010 All Star Game.

Stupid, you know?

But here's the thing...

That's how All-Star games work. Plus this weird mercy rule, where every team, no matter how much it sucks, has to have one representative.

While we all really dig Evan Meek, and the outstanding job he's done in 46.0 innings, we kind of feel like the token All-Star on the Pirates is our franchise player, Andrew McCutchen.

I know Meek has been exceptionally great, but give him a bad week or two, and Joel Hanrawho a decent week or two, and they're exactly the same player. That's the thing about relief pitchers: they're super while they're on, but completely suspect to the small-sample-size in which they live. I am not discounting Meek's stuff for a minute: it's filthy, and I commend his effort in not walking people. But, he's no 23 year-old with speed, mild power, and unlimited upside.

Here's to 2011. The year when the Mets, Dodgers, and Cubs have to pick token All-Stars to represent them because the Bucs have 6 of their own.

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