Thursday, July 8, 2010

The last word

LeBron made the right decision and handled all of this correctly. I'm not saying he wouldn't have a better chance for a championship in Chicago, or that he didn't kill the people of Cleveland. I am saying that I applaud his willingness to take a pay cut (as Wade and Bosh will have to do as well) to create something special. Chicago is stacked with talent, but the roster isn't as malleable as Miami. James' willingness to design something from the ground up is very neat.

We were all dumping on the dude for having too much ego. Well, he doesn't have too much ego to play with his friends. As far as this ESPN special... yeah, there was some ego behind that (see: Vitamin Water commercial). But ultimately, this was a process to explain himself to the people of Cleveland and the country. The Q&A with Jim Gray was scripted to remove James from any sort of villainous context, and his camp wasn't spreading rumors today just for hype: they were trying to ease people into the news.

So much for ego, so much for money. Here's to three guys who want to play together, and are willing to budget themselves so that they can now assemble role players.

ESPN is going to tell you that they're making a mistake, that three really good players alone won't make a team great. Just tell ESPN to go blow itself. These three guys are going to be really, really good. Will they win immediately? I don't know. But they'll win.

Here's to them, and here's hoping they get their fourth good friend, Chris Paul. I'm all for competitive balance, but I'm also for something artful. These guys are on the verge of art.


FRANCOfranco said...

Also: Cleveland sucks! Godspeed, LeBron.

Matt said...

1) The ego level reached unsafe heights during that program.

2) Should ESPN go blow itself? Yes. But let's not jump to conclusions about the potential performance of this team. The heat are going to have these three guys, plus nine replacement-level guys making the minimum. Can you get by with two superstars, one star and nine clones of Jeff Karstens?