Thursday, July 15, 2010

I can get behind this

The always excellent Big League Stew over at Yahoo! Sports is reporting that Joey Votto of the Reds snubbed All-Star teammate and hero, Marlon Byrd, because Byrd plays for the Cubs.

While I agree that the All-Star game should bring enemies together as respected friends, I enjoy this particular tiff simply because I don't think there's enough bile in the NL Central. There's historic rivalry between the Cubs and Cards, but not much bad blood between those teams and Cinci, Pittsburgh. You'd think that after 128 years of playing one another, these teams could hate each other a bit more.

Good for Joey Votto for trying to stir things up. Whoops! I mean... fuck him, for being a Red.

THAT's what I want to see next time the Cardinals come to town.

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