Wednesday, July 7, 2010

How did we miss this?

The producers of Pardon the Interruption threw together a "Free Agent Summit" program that aired on ESPN last week. The network didn't promote it at all, so it's entirely possible nobody watched it. But it's available online, and you should watch it.

This is exactly what I want from ESPN at this point in time. No glitz, no highlights, no b-roll. I want four opinionated, reasonable funny guys sitting around a table yelling at each other, with salient points being made every 10-15 seconds.

For as much as I dislike Simmons, he's not bad in this (though he does sneak in more than one totally unnecessary Red Sox reference). Wilbon's NBA analysis is pretty solid, even though he can be a little fanboyish. Dan Le Batard is pretty solid, and Kornheiser, who chaired the meeting, was flat-out hilarious.

In a fun, PTI-ish change of pace, they play some kind of a board game around the 13-minute mark which is supposed to place chips with the names of free agents on spots of the table according to where they might sign, it devolves into a hysterical game of what looks like free-agent air hockey, with each guy swatting the chips back and forth with long wooden sticks.

I'm serious. This is some good shit.

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